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Published by Jesse on 23 Feb 2007

Winter Clearance 8 Days Remain

On February 1st we announced the start of the Winter Clearance 2007. Well it’s winding down, folks. And there are still tons of top outdoor gear brands and products (over 700 to be more specific) marked down from 40%-60% off. Now or never hippies. From the email we just got about the last week of the winter clearance:

As promised we have dropped our Winter Clearance Sale discount to 60% Off. For the next eight days we have over 700 products at deep discount.

  • 60% Off – Tents, Jackets, Pants, Packs, Boots, Snowshoes, Helmets, Gloves and more.
  • Sale ends February 28th.
  • No Coupon needed. All prices are live on site.

Click the banner below and redeem huge savings. This winter clearance only comes ONCE A YEAR and that’s that. Now go ski powder. At least we will in Utah 😉

Published by Jesse on 22 Feb 2007

RockCreek Winter Blowout Sale

Mark from just sent us an email highlighting their Winter Blowout Sale. He wanted us to help get the word out on what’s goin’ down right now. Here is the exact message from the email:

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that our buyers have released the final markdowns for RockCreek’s Winter Blowout Sale! We have a couple new closeout orders in from Marmot and Patagonia. These will show up on the site by the end of the day today, and will be on sale until everything is gone. We have everything from fleece jackets to climbing equipment on sale. Don’t let your subscribers miss out on these prices…”

If you haven’t checked out Rock/Creek Outfitters yet it’s time to have a look. They are one class act. To receive these valuable discounts on winter and outdoor gear, click the banner below and shop away.

Published by Jesse on 21 Feb 2007

OGE Mentioned in Press Release

Web syndication through news distribution is one of the most powerful ways to get your press releases out on the web. The company we’re familiar with is We actually used them to post a news piece introducing OGE to the world. They’re one of the leaders in online news and media distribution. I think their Outdoor/Recreation category has something like 10,000 RSS subscribers. These RSS feed subscribers consist of webmasters publishing the news to their sites, in addition to outdoor enthusiasts and other people who felt compelled to keep an eye on outdoor-related headlines. Learn about RSS.’s CEO Jesse Hoffman was quoted in a press release recently on The news was published on PRWeb from AvantLink, the Affiliate technology provider that many OGE merchants use to get the word out on gear and promotions.

Here is Jesse’s quote from the press release:

“In some of the larger networks there are a lot of rogue and unethical Affiliates continuously stealing traffic and revenue from honest and hard working people,” says Jesse Hoffman from Outdoor Gear Engine, a top tier Affiliate. “I don’t mind competition but I want assurances that we’re all on a level playing field, and AvantLink brings this to the table. With the level of support I’ve experienced and the powerful tools they offer, AvantLink is my first choice in Affiliate networks.”

OGE was even given a hot link in the online distribution! Check out the entire news article: Affiliate Marketers Choose

Published by Jesse on 20 Feb 2007

Oregon: Dog saved climbers

All day I was hearing on the news about a dramatic rescue that unfolded on Mount Hood in Oregon. Three climbers and their dog (huh, their dog?) were separated from the group when they fell 100+ feet and holed up under a rock outcrop to sit through some weather. There are a few things from the media I didn’t quite get like 1) What in the heck was a black lab doing on a February mountaineering expedition on Mt Hood? 2) Did the dog fall, too? 3) Why did the three fall with their sleeping bags and other gear and not tents/shelters.

We all know what I joke the media can be sometimes, so I am not discrediting that the dog was in fact there and likely saved their lives. I am also VERY happy to read that everyone is ok. But dang…try harder to report a full story! The black lab is now being tagged as the hero of the rescue, which i was thrilled to see after wondering all afternoon whether or not they even rescued the dog or left it behind to freeze.

“The dog probably saved their lives” by lying across them during the cold night, said Erik Brom, a member of the Portland Mountain Rescue team. He described the wind in the canyon as “hellacious.”

Check out the full story on Yahoo!: Rescuer: Dog may have saved climbers

I just wish the news sources would provide some more specifics to keep me/us from wondering so much!

Published by Jesse on 16 Feb 2007


Twice a year rolls out the madness with their ‘Semi-Annual Sale’. It’s basically a warehouse clearing frenzy where they make room for huge stock that will be flooding their loading docks for the summer in a matter of weeks (at least for this sale it’s clearance for summer outdoor gear, when the have their Semi-Annual Sale in August it’s to make room for winter gear and apparel).

At any rate. Here’s the jizz: Over 12,000 items on sale up to 70% off! Should that be repeated? OK. Over 12,000 items on sale up to 70% off! This sale starts Thursday, Feb. 15th (SHIT man, that’s yesterday!!) and runs through Feb. 28th. Now I am serious when I say don’t F*** around. Get what you need while this sale is fresh. You’ll save some serious smackers. Click the banner below, browse the site, add what you want/need to the shopping cart… and when you checkout you’ll receive up to 70% off retail on your purchase! Backcountry offers FREE SHIPPING on ALL ORDERS OVER $50.

North Face ON SALE and Gear

Published by Jesse on 12 Feb 2007

The B.A.B.E. Expedition

This is another GravityFed Network classic from back in the day! We’ve featured several old GravityFed archives already on this blog. I think we originally published this story back in 2001, and the piece dropped out of the archives for a few years, but fortunately we saved all the old content and now we’re working through the classics and re-publishing them one-by-one. With this story, Molly Douma documents a trip to South America to celebrate what else…but a Bachelorette party for a close friend!!

Little Illusion (1)
The “warm-up” 17,000 foot peak was good practice for familiarizing ourselves with the dynamics of our three person rope teams, using ice tools, and crampons, walking in the proper duck-like manner, leaping crevasses, and staying several rope lengths ahead of the German group whose breath we could feel on our necks.

Read the entire story on GravityFed: Bolivian Andes Bachelorette Expedition (B.A.B.E.)

Published by Jesse on 09 Feb 2007

Osprey Pack Recycling Program

For Immediate Release
Verde PR & Consulting
Kristin Carpenter-Ogden
Mary Buchmayr

Cortez, CO, February 8, 2007 – Osprey Packs, Inc., an independent pack company, announces a pack recycling program with Albuquerque based not-for-profit, The Mountain Fund. Osprey and the Mountain Fund invite you to “Pass on the Passion” with the “Triple R Offer – Recycle and Redeem for Reuse” pack recycling program. Donate your old gear to the Mountain Fund and they will route it for reuse with a wide variety of organizations including Empowering Women of Nepal, The Alpine Fund, and Big City Mountaineers.

“Osprey Packs, Inc. is well known fortheir  innovative design and quality packs since the mid-seventies. Beyond excellent product, the Osprey strives to uphold a high ethic of sustainability.”

More information about Osprey can be found on their website:

Read Entire Article..

Published by Jesse on 08 Feb 2007

50% Off at Performance Bike

Here’s another good bike sale this time at Performance Bicycle. From now until Sunday, February 11th, save 50% on a number of different products. Get ready for the spring/summer 2007 cycling season. Click the link below and save big time!

Final 50% Off Sale This Season: Today Through 2/11! No coupon code needed.

Featured Sale Product:

Gill Adrenaline Jacket
Regular Price $199.99, Sale Price $99.98

Published by Jesse on 08 Feb 2007

Alta’s Fresh Prince

Anyone who has waited in line on a powder morning at Alta knows Rob Rowley. You may know him as Spademan Rob or various other colorful nicknames the locals have attached to him over the years. Even though Rob LIVES IN VIRGINIA he’s likely had more first chairs on powder days than any full-time Alta skier over the past two decades. It’s hard to beat him out to the line on the epic mornings.

Recently, Powder Magazine borrowed Johnny B from to interview Rob and get some insight on what makes him tick, his gear of choice and his thoughts on powder skiing in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Rob is one hell of a story teller, and Johnny does a great job digging in to get the details. This is truly a classic – a must for Utah powder skiers – so turn up your volume and listen to what the ex-South Chicago gangster has to say about his time in the Wasatch:

Rob Rowley: The Fresh Price of Alta

Published by Jesse on 08 Feb 2007

Giro & Bell Helmets On Sale

Check it out…we just got an email from JensonUSA asking us to promote their first big bike helmet sale this year. Now through February 15th you can get 15% off on ALL Giro and Bell Helmets! Gear up with this promotion for the quickly approaching cycling season. This is a rarely found discount from two of the top helmet manufacturers.

Important Note: You must click the links below and complete checkout by 11:59PM on February 15th to redeem the 15% savings.

Click Here for ’07 Giro Helmets

Click Here for ’07 Bell Helmets

Published by Jesse on 01 Feb 2007

Inca Trail Web Travelogue

Here’s an exclusive publication from the GravityFed Network archives! It’s the digital journal of Joe Mazzarella and Julie Nichols’ travels around Latin America; exploring Peru, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Belize. This travelogue was originally published in 2001 on, and was recently re-published as a featured article on the mountain culture website. There are four segments to the digital journal and some great photos to accompany the adventure.

Although the long day was taking its toll, the coca leafs wedged between cheek and gum helped with the climb. The coca leaf is generally either brewed as a tea or chewed with a small amount of llibta, which is very rich in lime and will activate the alkaloids of the leaf. The effects we felt were a slight numbing of the cheek, a bit of energy when the altitude made us lethargic, and helped control hunger and thirst.

Read the entire travel journal and be sure to Digg the story!

Published by Jesse on 01 Feb 2007

The North Face On Sale

Just got word on another good sale this time from Paragon Sports. Right now men’s, women’s and kid’s The North Face is on SALE for 20-40% off retail. This kind of sale from TNF does not happen very often, so take advantage of it and get your goods while the gettin’ is good!

Important: You must click the banner below to redeem these savings.

North Face On Sale

Published by Jesse on 01 Feb 2007

Winter Clearance At

Folks this is a big one. Gear up now through the end of February at Outdoors (site). They are offering 40% off on some of the best outdoor brands in the industry. They just sent us an email and asked us to promote this killer winter clearance sale. The longer you wait, the less of a chance your piece of gear or apparel will be in stock. Here are the details straight from our inbox:

40% Off our best winter brands and products for all of February – over 800 products at deep discount. All the heavy hitters are included – North Face, Burton, Sorel, Patagonia, Salomon and more.

  • 40% Off – Tents, Jackets, Pants, Packs, Boots, Snowshoes, Helmets, Gloves and more.
  • Sale starts NOW and ends 2/28/07

IMPORTANT: You must click banner below to redeem these savings

Altrec Winter Clearance 2007