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Published by Jesse on 07 Dec 2013


This blog (where we used to feature gear deals and industry news) is no longer active, and although dead, the main site is not. In fact, we recently revamped the gear search.

You can now search for over 500,000 outdoor products by keyword. No bells, no whistles… just a simple search. Click the image below to check it out or search from here!

Outdoor Gear Search Engine Homepage

Published by Jesse on 26 Nov 2010

30% Off Patagonia for Black Friday

Looks like you can get some good deals on Patagonia stuff from Tahoe Mountain Sports right now. Have at it as your size and color will go quick during the Black Friday / Cyber Monday madness 2010…

Published by Jesse on 12 Dec 2009

Deals Galore at Konasports

Here are the details verbatim from a an email. Nice opp to same some smackers..

Christmas is almost here and Konasports has the sale to buy gifts for everyone without burning a hole in your pocket. We have 40% off selected summer styles: boardshorts, t-shirts, tank tops, rashguards, swimsuits etc. We have 20% sandals, women’s bags and the Kona brand. Next we have 20% off selected fall styles: sweatshirts, jackets, snow outerwear, sweaters, etc. Finally, our spring suits and wetsuit tops are 20% off as well. Come shop soon or you may miss out on these unbelievable sales. Stock won’t last forever.

Published by Jesse on 10 Nov 2009

Outdoor Job Seekers – Start Here

Recently we connected with, and we wanted to be sure the resource was passed on to the readers of our blog. Have you seen this site? If you have ever been in the market for outdoor jobs then you probably have. From their homepage…

The ultimate destination to find a job in the Outdoor Industry. Join other career-minded people who have successfully combined their passion for the outdoors with a challenging, fun and rewarding job. Be part of the Outdoor Industry.

Hope you find this site helpful!

Published by Jesse on 05 Feb 2009

Daily Gear Deals & ODAT

So what do you think of the new blog theme? It’s still a work in progress. And you can rest assured knowing that we have mad plans 😉

One of the newest features of the updated OGEBlog is the Daily Gear Deals page. That page just posted this morning. This area of OGEblog has a list of “Daily Deal” or “One Deal At a Time” (ODAT) offers from several of the top retailers on the web including and REI. The coolest thing about each of these offers is that you can subscribe to their respective RSS feeds, effectively getting the hugely discounted product info & price delivered to you (instead of coming here to see the latest deals, not that we don’t want you here but let’s be reasonable).

At any rate, check out the new Daily Gear Deals page. It’s linked up from the main navigation on top of the page, and above in this post. Once you click on a specific store name you’ll see the up-to-the-minute current deal and an RSS subscription option. Learn more about RSS feeds here..

Happy discount shopping from…

Outdoor Gear Engine

Published by Jesse on 15 Oct 2008

Outdoor Gear Engine v3.0

We’re psyched to bring you the latest (v3.0) version of (OGE)! Pretty nifty new layout, and functionality, is now available at our outdoor gear comparison site & search engine. You can still just as easily (maybe easier, even!) compare prices on the products you need, as well as search a robust and proprietary database of nearly 500,000 products from 70 of the web’s top rated outdoor stores.

OGE  has always been a unique and powerful resource, in that it’s exclusively dedicated to gear and apparel. But now it’s even more powerful. Search from any page on the site, find gear deals, review products or stores, and even subscribe to an array of RSS feeds dedicated to promotional offers, or new merchant notifications. Note that we’re continually adding more stores to the database.

The outdoor blog you’re on now is next on the update list. Keep an eye out for a flashy new WordPress theme here, as well as some killer new plugins and tools to help you save some bucks when you’re shopping online for your outdoor equipment needs.

Check out the new site, or start your search below (for example type in North Face Denali and click “Search Gear”, then sort by “Product Price” by clicking the column header on the results…and you’ll see the best prices on the world’s most popular popular fleece jacket). Don’t pull the trigger until you’ve looked through all your options in terms of pricing and selection. Enjoy!

Published by Jesse on 28 Jan 2008

Getting Back At It

Ok so you’re wondering WTF is happenin’ with the OGE Outdoor Blog. Sorry folks. We got slammed with the holidays and then the focus shifted on making the gear search engine (OGE Database) better. Nothing is live yet, but we’ve got a good plan to improve the search functionality of 350,000 plus outdoor gear products.

You should also see a new site design for the main site:

Of course here on the blog, we’ll keep posting the best gear deals on the web from over the 65 merchants we partner with. We’re including the cream of the crop online retailers with our service so you know you’ll be shopping a trusted and secure store.

Thanks for your ongoing support. And don’t forget to subscribe to the Sales/Promotions Category of our blog. It will save ya some bucks!

Published by Jesse on 30 Oct 2007

Arc’teryx Delegate Capri Coupon

Holy Smoly! If you’ve ever wanted to try impulse buying but haven’t, nowz the time. In addition to the killer deal on the free Marmot Precip offer above from Moosejaw, the crew at Backcountry Outlet just notified us off an exclusive coupon code for the Arc’teryx Delegate Capri or Pant.

You ready for this: This coupon will save you 70% off retail!!! Details of the offer as follows:

Get 70% off the Arc’teryx Delegate Capri or Pant. Use Coupon Code 22W-1-J39NY at checkout to redeem these huge savings. Offer Valid Through: November 9th, 2007. CLICK HERE to BUY THIS PRODUCT for 70% off retail!

Description for the Delegate Capri:

The Women’s Delegate Capri from Arcteryx delivers casual style and comfort. Made with soft Spinner cotton, this product is equally at home during the work day, or at play. Put on into these Arc’teryx pants for a day of hanging out with friends, and they’ll keep the compliments coming in strong. Available for US shipment only.

Published by Jesse on 12 Sep 2007

OGE Picks: The Best Gear From The Best Brands

Howdy Folks,

I am proud to introduce a new column to the OGE Outdoor Blog: OGE Picks

We’ve put the gear experts here at Outdoor Gear Engine (OGE) to work in finding the best products from a broad array of categories and manufacturers. With over 500,000 product skus in the Outdoor Gear Engine database (search the database from the sidebar), and new products coming to market every day, we’ll help you pick out the winners that will enhance your enjoyment in whatever outdoor sport you choose. Whether it be backpacking or backcountry skiing, we’ll highlight the brands and products you should consider owning. And of course, when you shop for that product on OGE, you know you’ll be getting the best possible deal. So stay tuned…our 1st group of picks will be released this week.

Jesse Hoffman, CEO
OGE, Inc.

Published by Jesse on 26 Aug 2007

More 2008 Burton Ready to Ship

New to stock 2008 Burton products are starting to make their rounds to respected web stores from coast to coast (and around the globe for that matter). As we mentioned back on August 2nd, (BTW all Backcountry Stores are having their semi annual sale right now – yep, up to 70% off retail through September 3rd) was the first retailer to stock 2008 Burton Snowboards and Gear. They seem to somehow beat all the others to the punch with Burton. But more merchants are starting to fill the warehouse with the products from the top snowboard brand on the planet.

So here’s a quick note to let ya’ll know that ProBoardShop is now ready to ship 08 Burton gear as well. Compare prices on Burton at OGE to see who has the best buy on the latest and greatest products. Snow season is quickly approaching. We’re through the hottest months of the summer so nowz the time to start thinking about the gear you need for the steep and deep conditions of winter. We had a hellish heat wave of a summer here in Utah so I think I can speak for everyone at OGE when I say bring on the POW.

Click the banner below to have a look at the stock of 2008 Burton Boards & Gear now ready to ship from

Published by Jesse on 02 Aug 2007

2008 Burton Snowboards & Gear

We just got notice from Dogfunk (click their name for an RSS feed of current deals!) that ’08 Burton Snow Gear is in! Don’t see any boards listed yet, must be they’re soon to follow. Dogfunk, a company that caters to knuckle draggers and skaters like you 😉 —they are always the first to get Burton Snowboards, Accessories and Gear. It seems like that every year around this time they are the first company online to have the next year’s line of Burton products locked and loaded.

Have a look at the 2008 Burton product line by clicking on the link below:

Burton 2008 Snowboard Gear

Published by Jesse on 19 Jun 2007

Yosemite in the Sixties by Glen Denny

Pretty cool: Now at Patagonia, find Glen Denny’s extraordinary book of rare black-and-white photographs of Yosemite Valley climbers. Originally inspired by the work of Ansel Adams, Denny quickly mastered the effects of light on rock but his special gift is for these portraits of climbers in their element, for revealing the climber’s face in the unselfconscious moment of obsession on a route, of pleasure in camp, of awe to be in such a place. He conveys the culture of Camp 4 in the sixties as well as the spirit of the big-wall climbs. Many of these photographs have never before been published.

Buy this book at Patagonia. Click the banner below:

Published by Jesse on 19 May 2007

Randall Scott May Coupon Codes

Randall Scott Cyclery Coupon Code Madness

We’re featuring 10 different coupon codes from Randall Scott Cyclery. Use these codes for 10-15% off Camelbak, Fox, Shimano, Adidas, Road Bikes, Iron Horse, Smith, Golite, Dakine and Timbuk2. All these codes expire on 5/31/07.

10% OFF All Camelbak l Coupon Code: cam
10% OFF Road Bikes l Coupon Code: rb10
10% OFF New Fox Clothing and Helmets l Coupon Code: fox10
10% OFF Shimano l Coupon Code: shim
15% OFF Adidas Clothing l Coupon Code: a10
Additional 10% OFF all 2007 IRON HORSE bikes l Coupon Code: ih10
10% OFF Smith Optics Coupon Code: smith
10% OFF GoLite Coupon Code: go10
10% OFF Dakine Coupon Code: dak10
10% OFF Timbuk2 Coupon Code: tim10

Published by Jesse on 24 Apr 2007

New Daily Deal from The House Boardshop

We’re now featuring a new Deal of the Day offer from on OGEBlog! Check out the sidebar to see today’s offer. Generally, offers for this daily deal will be 20-30% off and the products will be updated 5 times a week. Monday-Friday. If you would like to subscribe to this offer using RSS you can easily do so by grabbing the feed that’s listed with the sidebar campaign.

This is just another killer offer to save you some smackers from the folks at Outdoor Gear Engine! Happy gear shopping hippies.

Published by Jesse on 30 Mar 2007

Alta Ski Patroller Sam Howard

Johnny B has done it again for AltaCam! The Alta, Utah community site has launched another interview in the Alta Personalities Podcast series featuring Little Cottonwood Canyon locals, ski icons and Alta Ski Area management personnel. To wit: The interview before this one was Johnny and Onno Wieringa, The Alta Ski Area General Manager.

For those who don’t know Sam Howard he’s a long-time Alta ski patroller who was named one of the top 50 skiers in North America a few years ago. He’s smooth as butter and a blast to try and keep up with! The young hot skiers don’t have a chance keeping his pace across the High Traverse and some of the steepest lines at Alta. Here’s a quote from the interview transcript:

I thought it felt weak and so we ski-cut across and we ski-cut back and it released to the ground on me. And I grabbed a tree and the whole thing peeled out around me and I was able to just hang on to that. You know, lost my ski poles and some other stuff. But, there’s a lot of times when avalanches make you scared and it doesn’t necessarily mean being involved in it.

You can read the transcript while you listen to the MP3 podcast of this interview at AltaCam: Sam Howard Interview & Podcast

Subscribe to AltaCam’s Podcast RSS feed to be notified when a new interview has been added to the site. Enjoy this interview with an Alta skiing legend!

Published by Jesse on 21 Mar 2007

Merchant Categories for OGEBlog?

Quick post to pose a question for ya’ll. If there actually is a ‘ya’ll’ out there I’ll be thrilled. Even if you’re our sole reader, please…let us know what you think (Email or leave a comment on this post).

Should we include merchant categories on the OGEBlog? Merchant promotions, featured product groups (check out Fleece Jackets for example) and their related outdoor industry news are just a few themes that we could tag for one of the OGE Merchants (60+).

In fact I’m going to go ahead and post a killer coupon for the rest of March next and build the first merchant category. So that’s that!

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