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Published by Jesse on 26 Nov 2010

Snowboard Connection Black Friday 2010

Pretty killer Black Friday offer from Snowboard Connection this year:

Black Friday Sale Free Shipping and No Sales Tax on Snowboards and more.

Published by Jesse on 27 Nov 2009

Snowboard Connection Coupons

It’s SnoCon’s turn. Two separate deals to feature. Both are valid already, through November 30th. One is targeted for Black Friday (today!) and the other for Cyber Monday. I can’t help but quote the promo notice/email we got from them. It put a smile on my face..

In the battle between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s hard to tell who will win. I picture Black Friday in a Gi and Black Belt with enough Karate moves to take down Bruce Lee, while Cyber Monday prefers to battle with Lasers and Metallic Boots. In the end, the consumers really win because who can refuse these killer deals?

Here are the specific BF and CM offers…

…although in taking a look, Snowboard Connection has TONS of quality promos. So here is the entire list!

You can SUBSCRIBE to their deal feed to be notified of new offers when they go live…DO IT.

Published by Jesse on 27 Aug 2009

SnoCon Codes – 2010 Snowboard Gear

Snowboard Connection is ready to start selling their new 2010 Snowboard gear, and they have launched a preseason snow sale early. It’s happening right now and you can take advantage of the first discounts available for for 2010 gear. Visit their site by clicking the link above, or the banner below, then shop away. When you’re ready to check out use one of the codes below for killer savings: