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Published by Jesse on 26 Nov 2008

Thanksgiving Promos – Kids Winterwear

Let the onslaught of promos continue. Posted some earlier today already, and will be posting more later as well. But for now, here’s some deals on kids outerwear from Patagonia and The North Face. Click the link below and shop away to redeem the savings. No coupon codes necessary…

Upside Over Thanksgiving Sale! TNF and Patagonia Kids winter wear, ON SALE for a limited time.

Find Free Shipping at UpsideOver!

Published by Jesse on 12 Nov 2008

Coupons for your Kids’ Gear

We have a retailer in our gear database called Upside Over. And these guys sell nothing but outdoor gear and apparel for kids. This includes the top brands, and their product lines, specifically designed and manufactured to keep your children warm, dry and safe. Encourage lotsa hours outside, and make those experiences pleasant by outfitting your wee ones correctly.

The coupons are valid from today through December 15th. Save $15 on $50 orders and $25 on $100 orders. Just click the banner below, apply to correct code at check out, and you’ll save some cash.

Published by Jesse on 26 Mar 2008

Several Kids Gear Coupons

There seems to be a lot more merchants offering categories that feature outdoor gear specifically designed for kids. and Patagonia are a couple that come immediately to mind. However, there is one merchant in particular we partner with that is entirely about top brand name gear and apparel for your children, and that’s

Recently this store pushed out several killer coupons that will save you some real good money. So gear up your kids now for Spring with the following offers. To redeem, just click the links in the list below and use the respective coupon codes provided. Note: the coupon codes below will be valid until late in May.

Published by Jesse on 08 Dec 2007

Upside Over Coupon – Gear For Kids

There are an array of holiday promotions and coupons that we have to catch up on with the Outdoor Gear Sales/Promotions category of OGE Outdoor Blog. To start out, today we’re featuring a 10% off kids gear coupon from This offer is valid through December 25th and it applies to your entire purchase. Remember you also get free shipping on all orders over $45 from this store, so gear your kids up now for next summer’s adventures or the powder skiing season that’s upon us.

About this store (from their detail page on OGE proper):

Upside Over was founded because we found it very hard to find great functional outdoor gear for kids. We believe that having kids, going outdoors and doing the things you love go hand in hand.”

Click the banner below to get started shopping. Once you’re ready to check out use Coupon Code: Holiday07

Published by Jesse on 13 Nov 2007

UpsideOver Announces Kids Cycling Gear Line

For Immediate Release
Peter Dean
Upside Over Inc.

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 13, 2007 — Upside Over recently announced its expanded stock of Kids Cycling Gear for fall purchasing and the holiday season. Including Kucharik, Baby Jogger, Deuter, Answer and Primal Wear.

Parents look to explore the outdoors through cycling, and they continuously look for options to get their kids involved. Just because you have young kids, doesn’t mean you have to give up cycling. As your kids grow from toddlers to teens, you can grow with them. Start your kids cycling early and then let them advance at their own pace. Make sure you keep plenty of water and snacks handy and be sure to shorten your rides with activities for the kids in between.

“At Upside Over we perceive ourselves as enablers to new parents and families looking to explore the outdoors,” said Peter Dean, President. “We are excited to be providing products from some of the industry’s best kids cycling manufacturers during the 2007 Autumn season.”

Read entire article..

Published by Jesse on 27 Jun 2007

Kids Gear Coupon for Summer

Here is a killer opportunity to save 10% on all Kid’s Gear from! Upside Over has been getting a lot of mention here on the OGE Outdoor Blog of late. This post announced their addition to Outdoor Gear Engine database, and this post featured some outdoor industry news about Upside Over’s new Affiliate program with AvantLink.

Here are the specifics of this offer, hot off the press:

Summer Savings

Now is the time of year to get involved in all of those exciting outdoor activities, whether it’s for kids camp gear, hiking, cycling, biking, kayaking or camping Upside Over provides a broad selection to meet your child’s needs. We look forward to serving you. Use the following coupon code during your next purchase at our online store and receive 10% off your purchase!

Important to Note: In order to redeem the 10% savings on your purchase from Upside Over you must click on the link below (or the banner above). Don’t pay full sticker on your kid’s gear. Check out this online store!

Save 10% Off your entire purchase of Kids Gear at – Use Coupon Code: SUMMER07 at Checkout

Published by Jesse on 26 Jun 2007

Upside Over Partners with AvantLink for Affiliate Marketing Solution

For Immediate Release
Peter Dean
Upside Over

New York, NY June 26, 2007 — Upside Over recently launched an Affiliate program on the AvantLink network. The new relationship allows Upside Over’s affiliate partners to generate aggressive revenues. Affiliates can obtain up to 10% for each sale they refer to the Upside Over store.

The outdoor gear for kids market is one of the fastest growing segments in the outdoor industry. As such, Upside Over has positioned itself in the center of this growth by providing products that are high quality (often hard to find), comfortable, environmentally safe and provide parents with a sense of safety, security and comfort for their kid’s enjoyment of outdoor activities.

“We are extremely excited about our new partnership with AvantLink and the capabilities it brings to our affiliate partners,” said Peter Dean, President of Upside Over, “AvantLink’s cutting edge affiliate marketing technology coupled with its quality approach to affiliate partner relationships truly provides Upside Over’s affiliate partner network with the capabilities to drive revenue while meeting high levels of customer satisfaction.”

Read entire article..

Find the latest kids gear deals from Upside Over on their Outdoor Gear Engine store detail page..

Published by Jesse on 19 Jun 2007

Kids Gear from Upside Over

We’ve recently added a killer new merchant to the Outdoor Gear Engine database (we now have over 300,000 skus of outdoor gear and apparel for you to compare prices on!). This latest OGE addition is a merchant that sells gear specific to kids. A KIDS GEAR ONLY online retailer is something that the outdoor shopping category has needed for quite sometime. It’s very important to outfit kids appropriately so that they can safely share the outdoor passions their parents have. Minus a couple of gear stores, it’s nearly impossible to find quality gear for kids that’s not built like a toy. Enter!

From Upside Over’s web site:

“…we provide the best available collection of high quality, some times hard to find, outdoor gear and technical clothing for kids and active families.”

Keep an eye on the OGE Outdoor Blog for coupons and promos from They are sure to let us know when substantial savings are available, and we’ll in turn tell you! They are also adding new and innovative kid’s gear all the time so we’ll keep you posted on that fron as well.