The OGE Picks category of our blog has been covering a lot of different gear product groups of late, but this one is the best. No question. You can’t be faded when there’s powder in them hills, especially when you have 105 under foot fat skis on your side. Here are some cream of the crop fatties for the 2007-08 ski season.

Volkl Gotama Volkl Gotama Skis – The king of fat skis, period. End of description. MSRP: $795 (Hint…Backcountry has them for $699)

Atomic Big Daddy Atomic Big Daddy – A huge, solid charger for the deepest powder days. ideal for wide open terrain. Some swear this is the baddest ass pure freeride ski on the market, but it probably won’t be the only ski in your quiver. So keep that in mind. MSRP: $798

Rossignol B104 Rossignol B104-Squad – The monster 130-millimeter shovel packs a Shark Nose aluminum insert for destroying crud and any inconsistent snow along the fall line. Bottom line is that you’ll experience pro-level performance on these skis. MSRP: $815

K2 Pontoon K2 Pontoon Ski – The mad Phat Ski might as well be a Powder hover craft with enough maneuverability and prowess to double your lap count. I’ve heard people say that having the K2 Pontoon Alpine Ski is like cheating. MSRP: $825

Rossignol Scratch Steeze Ski Rossignol Scratch – One size. The goods fits all. Lengths: [185cm] 140 / 110 / 133mm. Leave the lift lines and scraped crud to the punters while you float switch with the Steeze. MSRP: $730