Published by Jesse on 07 Dec 2013


This blog (where we used to feature gear deals and industry news) is no longer active, and although dead, the main site is not. In fact, we recently revamped the gear search.

You can now search for over 500,000 outdoor products by keyword. No bells, no whistles… just a simple search. Click the image below to check it out or search from here!

Outdoor Gear Search Engine Homepage

Published by Jesse on 05 Feb 2009

Daily Gear Deals & ODAT

So what do you think of the new blog theme? It’s still a work in progress. And you can rest assured knowing that we have mad plans 😉

One of the newest features of the updated OGEBlog is the Daily Gear Deals page. That page just posted this morning. This area of OGEblog has a list of “Daily Deal” or “One Deal At a Time” (ODAT) offers from several of the top retailers on the web including and REI. The coolest thing about each of these offers is that you can subscribe to their respective RSS feeds, effectively getting the hugely discounted product info & price delivered to you (instead of coming here to see the latest deals, not that we don’t want you here but let’s be reasonable).

At any rate, check out the new Daily Gear Deals page. It’s linked up from the main navigation on top of the page, and above in this post. Once you click on a specific store name you’ll see the up-to-the-minute current deal and an RSS subscription option. Learn more about RSS feeds here..

Happy discount shopping from…

Outdoor Gear Engine

Published by Jesse on 15 Oct 2008

Outdoor Gear Engine v3.0

We’re psyched to bring you the latest (v3.0) version of (OGE)! Pretty nifty new layout, and functionality, is now available at our outdoor gear comparison site & search engine. You can still just as easily (maybe easier, even!) compare prices on the products you need, as well as search a robust and proprietary database of nearly 500,000 products from 70 of the web’s top rated outdoor stores.

OGE  has always been a unique and powerful resource, in that it’s exclusively dedicated to gear and apparel. But now it’s even more powerful. Search from any page on the site, find gear deals, review products or stores, and even subscribe to an array of RSS feeds dedicated to promotional offers, or new merchant notifications. Note that we’re continually adding more stores to the database.

The outdoor blog you’re on now is next on the update list. Keep an eye out for a flashy new WordPress theme here, as well as some killer new plugins and tools to help you save some bucks when you’re shopping online for your outdoor equipment needs.

Check out the new site, or start your search below (for example type in North Face Denali and click “Search Gear”, then sort by “Product Price” by clicking the column header on the results…and you’ll see the best prices on the world’s most popular popular fleece jacket). Don’t pull the trigger until you’ve looked through all your options in terms of pricing and selection. Enjoy!

Published by Jesse on 24 Jun 2008

Free Peter Glenn Ski & Sports Gift Card

Crap loads of coupons, specials, summer deals and major summer sales are rolling out for all the top outdoor gear retailers online. Here’s yet another from Peter Glenn Ski & Sports:

Get a Free $20 Gift Card with any Spy Or Smith Sunglasses Purchase Of $100 or More! Use Coupon Code: sggc0608 at check out.

Brand Pages: Spy, Smith

Hurry! Offer valid through June 29th only…

Published by Jesse on 24 Jun 2008

Brand Name Deals at RockCreek

YO. More from Rock/Creek. There are a lot of outdoor gear brand name products (from The North Face, Montrail, Mountain Hardwear, more…) there offer killer savings right now. Check them out below. Links available so have at it:

Deals from…

Published by Jesse on 24 Apr 2008

Deals from REI

This is worthy news. We wanted to add a quick post to mention that we now have the ability to keep our gear deal subscribers up to date on all the current sales, promos and coupons from REI and REI Outlet! REI, through a partnership with AvantLink (which powers a lot of the data on our outdoor gear search engine), has provided an immediate datafeed of deals.

CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL THE CURRENT DEALS FROM REI (oh, and you’ll want to bookmark that page. if you do you’ll be the first to have access to the deals. deals up date continuously.)